Casing Design

Canadrill can design your casing according to the EUB Directive 10.0 to save your company money. We use the latest industry software to meet the required standards. Casing helps prevent the contamination of fresh water well zones and provides a strong upper foundation to use high-density drilling fluid to continue drilling deeper.

Landmark’s StressCheck™ casing design software takes the trial and error out of designing casing, liner and tubing strings and minimizes the cost of well tubulars. StressCheck software, an integrated component of the Engineer’s Desktop system, is the tool of choice to evaluate casing and tubing design.


Higher productivity and efficiency

Integration with other applications in Landmark’s Engineer’s Data Model system reduces data-entry time, errors and training time.

Low-cost design

StressCheck software lowers the cost of casing and tubing design, based on either standard or user-defined inventories, specific cost, user-defined constraints on valid API and triaxial design domains, and minimum length of casing and tubing sections.

Lower costs for tubulars

Graphics-based workflows streamline the casing, liner and tubing string design processes, ultimately minimizing the cost of well tubulars.

Fast, accurate solutions

Get fast, accurate load, stress and buckling solutions for vertical and directional wells.

User-friendly interface

Makes extensive use of Microsoft® Windows® features, menus and dialogs for easy data entry. Contains a context-driven Input Wizard to guide the user.

Spreadsheet and graphical data views

Provides spreadsheet data entry, with support for cut/copy/paste and drag/drop operations. Provides a template feature for pre-configuring StressCheck designs that reflect both company design standards and available inventories. Allows graphical views for well configuration, directional profile, formation pressure, fracture gradient profiles and load, internal pressure, external pressure and temperature profiles for each load case.

Convenient Results Configurations

Provides a design summary of minimum burst, collapse, axial and triaxial safety factors for each string and full tubular program. Standard or user-configured report formats are available, along with user-defined pre-configured display tabs. On-screen results are in user-configurable, multi-pane spreadsheet and plot formats.

Easy data transfer

Features API, SI and custom unit systems, along with a comprehensive online Help system. Link to Landmark’s DEX™ data exchange program, permits easy transfer of relevant data between other DEX compliant applications. Designs can be exported as *.sck flat files for import into WELLCAT™ software.